An immediate reaction can act as an obedient distraction.

Hold oneself to a higher standard, and act as you are.

To bend in the face of opposition, is a dominance taken too far.

And you are not weak, you are not a sheep.

You are a lion that may roar,

Not a fly up on a wall.

To be swatted and shifted in a matter of milliseconds…

Stand your ground always, if you feel unjust opposition.

Your spirit is a strong one, lift up your head because your crown is falling.

In a world that is fallen, society is crumbling, and those that had a voice, are now stumbling and mumbling…

Those with large vices, have the voice and stage.

Selling your soul is a disgrace, we are human beings that must show grace.

So open your heart wider, and lift up your soul higher…

Display your talents prouder,

Speak your truth louder…


Into more land.


What it is you command.

You have to keep going, there is no choice but to.

Life, you cannot rush through —

The blessings that you want,

Also want you…

But you have to trust too,

I know it can be difficult to trust you,

But, a reminder to self, that God, ultimately loves you.