Self reflection plays a big part of my life.
all of the sadness and madness I’ve endured –
I see the growth in the restart of my life.

Poetry is raw,
Right along,
Right or wrong
I perform
Execution in my forms,
as I violently train my body.

The blood sweat and tears —
The grind and tear.

Of my mind and sheer moments of strife.

In this time of my life, I am exactly that –
A product of time and work,
As at times my mind just hurts.

My eyes, they hurt —
For I see the mountains and valleys.

I climb and I strive,
To avoid the trappings that tally.

In life mistakes add up, and dangers grasp my souls endurance.

I withstand the currents, and deep waters I’m urged in.

It’s a long occurrence,
But I’m strong,
I’m worth it…

It is a strong detergent,
but the scent of success,
I am pursuing with convergence.