Such a mixture of grains.
The differing elements of my soul, make a tug on my brain.
So I set a picture in frame.
Then, I aim…

Such a journey indeed.
So many distractions, that may impede.
I stampede forward, with a tribe of support.
They are beautiful indeed, as we build out rapport.

What is life without supportive friendships.
What am I, when the pressure of living becomes contortive?
A fortress I build —
I ignore what can kill.
I am built for this war, this journey that spills onto reality and blood stains on stainless.

The reality is this, my environment changes and so does my psyche.

I am a pursuing athlete, wishing to inspire the average.

I’ve been where you are, and I want you higher up too…

Unsolicited but unforgiving in, because my actions and efforts spell devotion and promotion.

Personal records set, personal bests I inspect…
To improve and grow sharper in this life time.
In this mind of mine, are simultaneous deeds.
My journey is difficult indeed, but I will proceed.

Nothing is absolute,
So I clear my resolute, and I strive for my pursuit.
With you,
With this craft,
A love, that may last…