I fine tune my spirit to the wavelengths of freedom consciousness.

I see that America has robbed us of,
particular happiness.

I’m missing love, drastically.
Good parents, bad parents they all have their roots and history.

Head start on yours, because you don’t know childhood misery.

But please don’t belittle me,
Are you kidding me?

My spirit is unbroken, and I’ve endured it all.
So it is only right, as a black man that I stand tall.

I’ve been broken before, but not now, not ever…

I outwit my demons clever,
It won’t justify its chains on my brown skin.
It won’t win.
It won’t, in the end — because I try, and I put in effort.

I don’t believe, even for a second — that I will spill my beverage.
All of my blessings runs over,
But I will never choose anything worse or better.

I love my life.
I do, I would marry it twice.