Nothing reaches higher than the love that is divine.
Man and woman combined,
We can conquer all that is good in God’s time.

They say that the heart has no limit, and that this life is a gift, when we are fully in it.

They say that your heart is wild, and it stimulates the mild.

I’m tired of playing, and I’m tired of pretending.

The lion in me desires, a lioness;
To get through this life’s mess.

I want to play in your arena,
Swords and armor covering my soul that’s inhaled a sativa…

Satiating desires, when I kiss you we rise higher.

I want to lay in your arena, while my sword lay beside me,
I think of you highly…

If most merely exist,
I want to live and burnout from the fire.

I’m writing poetry till the day ends.
Tying up stray ends,
And tightening up my wire.

A disciplined and focused warrior,
of yours…

I’ve been knocked down,
But like a rock how, it falls from the ground up…

The waters beneath, won’t drown me this time around but,

If I do,
Then I want to lean on you.

Assist me to shore when I am weak,
And I will aim to give you the world the following week.