I see life for what it is.
I see why I exist.

No grand philosophy needed, just to be myself and become better.
Through the days, and through tumultuous seasons.
I write with less and less ego, my soul and heart breathes with the sun rays and rainy weather.

I am a part of nature.
I am that.
I am what I am, and I am destined for the great collapse.

In harsh times I stand.
In dark times, I stand.

With a partner, everything would be grand.
But, I am grateful for my own singular.

The suffering has meaning, and it is attached to God.
Perhaps to craft me, into a lesser God…
But you are Goddess in full form.
A full storm, she was.
She rains down on my pain, and cleansed my soul and mind,
So much so, I never wanted her to be done.