When my heart sings songs of distress,
It’s best,
That I lean on psalms of what is blessed.

My life is ultimately a test,
And I leave all that is left,
To a God that is best.

Meanwhile, your love is a calm in my stress.
And with your arms around my neck,
I hold you by your waist,
And we will form what is blessed.

A bond that is next,
I see a strong,
Enduring nest.

One that we may share,
As time is ever reset…

Yet, however, 24 hours compound, as weeks and months steady out, we can form what is next.

life is ever so simple, but the profoundness needs continual reform, to the crest.

As you lay your head on my chest,
I will kiss your face, and embrace my Queen like no other chess.

I tend to over complicate.
But to compensate, I suppose my heart is what resonates with your heart, and nothing less.

I have no time to waste, by trying to make,
a foolish and unduly finesse.

Done chasing or pursuing others.
I want to hover, with you.
I want to say I love you, to you.

as we embrace our storms and what is left,
I desire to inform you that what is next —
Loyalty, highness, and aliveness…

Yes, we will walk this journey together with arms in arms, facing challenges and feeling the magic that’s in our chest.

No talk of a vest, but the heart that simply says, that we will lead and follow by the principle of love.

As below, so above.
As above, so below.

Reciprocal energy from the stars, that we are, because it is love that we sow.

I honor you, and only wish that we will grow.
And so I follow you, as you follow me — as partners that we always wished that we would know.