Crushed heart
Crushed roses

Crushed ice
Your love is potent

Crushed grapes
Fine wine

I sip slowly
I burn fast

I sit lowly
And you stand above

I cater to you
Kisses and hugs

A simple thing
Never to be complex

A simple fling
Could turn into something honest

A simple song
Crushed notes

Crushed dreams
And crushed ropes

I believe in life and love
Because of you

I want nothing else
But of you
I crush on you
I’d crush my life

If needing my essence

I’d crush it nice
If leaving you with message

I live with my heart
& Solely that

I crush my roses black
I crush my Demons that always attack

Crushed together
We are meshed forever

Meet me here,
Where I am high

All else were a lie,
This is love in its truest.

All else were a try
But this is love we do this.

What’s life without heart
I say useless

Crushed might
I am strong enough to do this
And I thank you
For everything thus far
My Queen, my love, my pursuit, my star.