I am into your language, and the way your mind speaks to mine.

Our love is full roundabout, whilst we are walking a mighty bold line —

Until we cross, milestones, I like to think that we are fine.

And as we embrace mild tones, our ranges will increase in due time.

I think of you while working.

I balance with that, that is urgent,
and focus on,
simultaneously on,
with what passion speaks to me.

At times, I spent walking this dirt road

I came across you, and now things aren’t for certain, but surely,
we will try and love purely.

Because as I am needing you,
you are too needing me.

Pure as white.
Pure as childlike.

A balance of purity and dirt,
I am that.
Flawed and all, but for some reason I feel you will like that.

A grit about me.
A wit about me.

I am sure I’m right,
That your father raised an angelic daughter.

I offer my heart, and hope that our souls will grow sharper and refined as iron sharpens iron.

I declare often, because as a king, one is meant to speak and manifest what he desires and wants.

Love, and vulnerability is what we will ultimately trust.

Principles of love, that you and I must abide to.

I will always strive to love you.
Never to lie to you.

Our purity will surface when the world turns us too gray, and the colors will purge in as we run away from the bleakness and heated days.

I run to the steep end,
And I kneel towards the sun’s thesis.

I tell him that his blessing is unimaginably great.
I tell him the wait,
Was assuredly worth it.

Things aren’t for certain,
But our love is really working!

Please watch over us, with sweet tunes and delicate verses.

I’ll always will utilize the muse,
And will tighten our loose;

Our love will be stronger than ever,
As we strive for better…

My vow.