Spinning head,
A 360.

I swim in dread.
It befits me.

Doesn’t mean I drown,
I swim swiftly.

I win instead,
Devils, won’t trip me.

I take trips in,
Abundant clouds.

I’m high off of life,
I’d say I’m proud.

The pressure of love,
I outgrow it.

The love that you give,
It is outspoken.

And I am quiet.
I am shyest.

Yet, my heart beats loudest.
It is far from foulest.

And I swallow and inhale,
All the words that you share.

Our hearts take breaking,
To soon be repaired.

Our hearts are our pieces,
Of our sole existence.

I write in isms,
I hope you’ll listen.

Ears wide,
Mouth silent.

Higher tides,
We’ll learn to surf.

Broken in pride,
We learn to hurt…

To only build,
Build and reform.

Your kiss is rain,
& your body is a storm.

Your eyes are a forest,
& your mind I adorn.

Everything about you,
I am falling in abysmal.

Tears of joy,
No need for tissues…

I wipe away the pain,
& gradually I list you…

For reasons I fight,
To rise above issues.

Thank you for the love
In which you give,
It fits me, I fit you.

Sizes match, and minds attach.
I miss you.
I forgive you;

In advance, for any hurtful moments.
I’ll always love you, my unfoolish heart.

I’m a man of honor,
A golden star.

You’re a woman of bargain,
You want lovely energy material.

Well here I am,
My dear Queen,
Your King is imperial.

Not quite inferior,
But you are highest,
I write in modest.

I write in general respect.
Please don’t neglect.

Our divisional sect,
We are simply set…

For love and success –
Through poetry I write,

I’ll express it the best.

Only a piece of what’s next,

I leave that to the heavens,
They know all the rest.

A precious diamond,
You are cut in clarity.

A precious island,
We are not exactly stuck.

We can swim in to other shores,
And try our luck.

Amongst the variety, and deep tides we’re diving in.

But still and all,
I feel at once alive again.

All it took was time and friends, with their
push and shove.

So, I believe in the end,
It was only love.