A fortress of fortunes,
I report in, what’s gorgeous!

My faith in the lord is,
Unwavering and scorching!

On fire for Christ, I am a warrior for sure and,

Imagine a world where, destiny is just portioned.
You face trials in your hours,
And you feel you’ve been devoured.

But the lord is maturing,
Cutting me sharper than portions.

I’m crafted and I’ve lasted,
Into baskets of sweet passion.

I’m basking in what’s lasting,
These moments that seem drastic,
I’ve outlasted.

I’ve met a sweet woman,
My partner that’s grasping,

All of my woes;
All of my lows.
Eyes closed,
I’m still woke.

I face dark crows,
And I take sharp blows.

But, nevertheless I grow.
Reaping all that I sow.

The good and the bad.
The sad, and the mad.
The yin and the yang.
The pleasure and pangs.

I’ve lost it all,
I’ve gained some back.

I’ve fell off track,
But now I sense that I’m back.

I caution, what’s pompous,
I’ve seen fortress that tumbled.

My mind crumbled, and stumbled, on its own blessings — such lessons.

I sit on porches of torches,
I am beside my king who is just lofty.

I know a king who is just purest.
He loves me too, so that’s double the impact.

I’ve fell off track,
But that’s simply that.

I get on track,
And now I sense that I’m at…

A road that’s enduring,
I think love is my curing.

So I thank you both,
Whom wraps around my soul,
Like weighted coats.

I stack around my prose,
Lyricisms, and empiricism.

I grow and I listen,
To the sounds of a vision.

A love that just isn’t,
Quite a prison…

But above, those prisms,
I dance afloat, those silly philosophical isms —

My sins are forgiven,
And it’s truly indifferent,
To the demons that glisten.

Yeah they truly are peasants, but strong demons indeed.
But they’ll never impede, on this vision that feeds…

Off of Christ, whom has risen.
Thus, I choose my heart to just listen.
I am forgiven.

I am distant,
To cobras that hiss in,
I predict in their death,
My thoughts were just flippant,
But I’m lifted, I’m skipping,
On clouds, I’m not proud.

I’ve plowed, I just howl…
Like husky, that barks;
Or a shark that chase carp.

Yes, I’m willing to just kick it,
Or just chases in a race…