Sacred love making,
Animalistic and raw.

Tasting your love’s patience.
Picking up your body, when it calls.

Your sweat, and your skin,
Feels best when we sin.

I feel lost in your mind,
You feel lost, also in mine.

Your worth is more than your shine,
Your temple is a gold mine.

We bend rules, in our romantically induced emotions.
And I swim deep, deep, deep, in your ocean.

If love is a strong word,
I’m doing body weight lifts.

You are light and fragrant,
Like sweet fumes that are mist.

And we attract just like particles,
Your body is my matching molecule.

Two stars of a sort.
You shine bright,
I shine with might and force.

You shine light,
Never shone coarse.

We shine life,
When our shine is raw.

Internally within,
I can never go without.

Lovemaking in the dark,
We shine bright in this house.

Hearing you say my name,
Louder than musical cymbals.

If love making was an idealism,
You and I baby, would be the symbol.

Symbolic of pure passion, I stand on what we are.
My baby, my Queen, my possession.

Your king, our team, we are nothing short of a blessing.