Walking on glass
The pain doesn’t perturb me

Running on grass
Blades doesn’t disturb me

Head spinning from spent cash
Failure doesn’t concern me

Little or a lot
I make do with what I got

Losing doesn’t deter me…
No, losses don’t hurt me anymore.

They say that we need healing,
But I think that we need building —
Conquers are accomplished through courage.

No faking till I make it.
I play the cards I am dealt in.

Delta high,
I’m built to fly.

I’m destined to die,
But I live on through my work.

Existential threats, no longer work.

I painted a love story, and I create more scripts.
I elate with more lifts.

PR, after PR.
I see stars.

You are a magnificent gift, and I thank you for lifting me out of such abyss.

More love to create, with you and from your elixir.

I am simply a man that needed lifting up.

So make no mistake, when I call you my Queen, I mean every utterance and statement.

I love you, I do.
So all temptations are the strangest.

I see you, I see success…

Building me up from your home, a nest.

Queen Eagle,
Queen lioness.
I thank you, from the bottomless.