Melodies of sound truth,
They bring me back to my troubled youth.

Melodies surrounding you,
Are an instrumental, inspired flute.

I hear you, when you are nearest.
Your sound is sweet clearest.

Presently, I breathe in fresh air,
While I relinquish deep fears.

You ease into my sphere,
While in anguish I write out my vulnerabilities.

I sense that I’ve been here before,
But not quite literally…

Never have I met,
Someone so lovely and alive.

I can’t help but think about all that God has in store…

You are a Queen, honey, you are divine.

And still, life has never seemed so simpler.
I can lean on you when I feel injured.

My barn is burned down, but now I can see the moon.

A Japanese philosophy quote.

I write out my story daily, and I am a key author.
The only author in fact,
I would not ever barter.

I would not even bother, exchanging notes — I have my philosophy, it is my own.

This is my life, and all of my absurd colorful mistakes.

I’ve always dreamed of living amongst the

galaxies, reclaiming all that this adult life takes away from my wake,
in terms of my dreams, but then there goes you, a dream come true.

Firing me on, you are my elixir.
Our dreams combined shall meet fruition.