You are an original,
In a world of duplicates and copies.

Your span is wide, and your wings stretch high.

In this age that is digital,
And, in the time that God allots me…

I plan to love visceral,
Hugging your mind, and loving your body.

Our love may be eternal,
And our hands matched are adjourned.

But as the world turns, we could fall in like roses in pots be.

I sense that I feel fire for you and I reach higher for you, as my heart is entirely for you, because like caffeine in my system I feel wired because of you, I would never want anyone to try unto you, because honestly for you, I feel I want only my eyes are for you, but if they look, at least they know they cannot try enough for you, because I am an alive writer for you, and I sigh, hush, for you, yet I risk dying for you, if I ever might rescue you…

So I am never done trying to pursue,
Although, you are mine, this is true…

I am glad thus far, my lovely star, you are shine.

In addition to the blisses, that this poem ignites unto you…

I want to say, that I am honest and true,
Hopefully, as time unravels and it spews that we may glisten,
as the true stars that we are —
I hope that the universe is just as glad that we listened…

Because as iron is as new,
We shine as it cools…

Under striking poses, and lovely selfies — we couldn’t let love slip right under our noses.

I am your stoic,
I am your poetic heroic.

You are my lotus,
You are my beautiful lovely potion.

Know this &
Grow with this.