Our love is not lost,
As if tossed into some heap.

We are simply on standby, and so I must stand high, as I recognize and realize that you are not existent nearby or literally there when I physically or spiritually hurt deep.

No, you are not there, but time will heal all.
As we feel all, that we can bear at all —

I think that your decision is quite truthful to who you are…

Thus, I must, wear all —

Good pleasure, and painful splinters.
Because it is only pre-fall, we have not even made it into the winter….

I am not bitter, far from that.
I just for once can sense her, and I love her for that…

But now we are free, yet, you belong to me.
But now we can see, our strength that we need to be.
Ahead of our time, we must stand still.
Ahead of our time, we must stand at will.