A thief in the night,
I stole your heart,
But I am peaceful, a knight.
I seem to ignite,
But I am like, seagulls in sight.

A sunny spring full of bites,
Of tasteful brunch…

Or better yet, I scream full of might,
As I type dreamful of kites.

Aesthetic types of
Meaningful abstracts.

I mean to seem like a fight, what I describe is that what I see is your light and I mean to protect like the divine that green seems to ignite.

Or better yet serene blue,
I’m blue for you.

Or better yet, firestone yellow, I seem to scream full of hue.

But what better color than the special hue in which you rule.

I reap full of bright,
We are like stars in the sky.
I see full, but yikes,
You blind my eyes,
Yet, you are not deceitful —
You strike…

Your beauty seems full of heights,
While, my beauty seems full of plights.
I write.
With eagerness and strife,
While poetic matters, concern only you and just I.
I, am reaching to your deep eyes.
And I see a sky full of stars, a star full of night.

Thus, I write, to see your fullness of why.

You are every color, and like the thief in the knight,
You stole my metaphor, while giving me pure poetic inspiration, and so you are Queen of the night.
Directing my moves and heart sway.

I love you by night,
I adore you by day.

And so I ask,
Do you see the king in the knight
Whom only dreams, and only fights.

But will one day, own and oversee the seas of the night.