I can’t sleep with out ya.

Feelings are so,
unlimited of a heart space…

Mild enough;
to want to make your heart race.

But, the range could be wild enough,
Wild enough,
To take your heart away…

Out of touch,
Because your heart awakes

My mind earth quakes,
Across the distance in God’s land.

If you are a Goddess,
Then I honor the divinity that your heart will make.

It’s hard to erase,
The imprint that your heart makes in his.

And I’m sleepless.

The art is limitless.
And your heart is wide awake within mine.

Interwoven and intertwined, as we are interconnected.

I stand corrected,
When I’m sleepless thinking of the fire you inspired in my tiresome heart.

Like islands and sharks,
I’m stranded needing you with.

Sleep together would be bliss.
And the waters would be calm, as the sinking would be this –
Fallen, falling.

I’m all in,
When our hearts are in.