The silver linen is that I am becoming stronger.

I have not seen you, but I have felt you…

The silver shining, is that, you are an honor.

Like a foreigner, I walk cluelessly, yet,

unfoolishly, leaving behind a home to find a new one in which I roam…

Your heart, it is quite good.

It reminds me of pure elation, and progression.

Loving you is a major lesson…

I find new ways to feel you, and grow with you as I go more within.

I have you, which is a win.

I grow in confidence.

You are like a sweet opulence.

You are quite, a neat observance.

I love your elegance.

You are top echelon.

All in all, you are grand and beauty.

Stepping up to your level, is like Gold and diamond floors encrusted upon.

I have to grow to your standard, because although I am enhanced truly…

You are an enchantment and I am a warrior unruly.

So in order for you to cue me in, for all my worth,

I’d say to simply continue being the star you are and loving me as I am…

I am alongside you, doing all that I can.

I am a warrior, growing into a king of a man.

Thank you, for accepting me as I am.

You are my lover,

You are my friend.