Off of the balcony I jump,

Into the river I fall.

Such a good feeling I love.

However, this height is quite tall.

No fear in my flesh, yet, I stall.

This feeling is bliss, I’m enthralled.

The reason I’m glad is just you.

The reason I had, is within you…

Your heart is a fact of my why;

I love, I feel & I cry.

I present a presence of my ego.

I show you it, I’m hoping that you will be amazed.

“Look at his growth,

Look at his swagger…”

Such a neat soul,

As I’m hoping, that you’ve gathered.

But I am just magic.

I’m hoping that you agree to just say.

I hope that you’ve captured.

I present an essence following so —

I hope that you know that I just want to grow.

From the dimensions of dark —

To the spectrum of light.

Your gaze is just right,

I would look at you in the night.

Look back.

Feel symmetric, as we reciprocate…

I am your knight,

I am your armor.

Loving you is my devotion,

It is an honor.

It is your right.

I write ever calmer,

As the days present themselves.

My flow is simplistic taste,

As the hammer of pendulum fills.

Back and forth, as the boat, I land in.

I enjoy the drop.

This love is expansion…

May this river never stop, we are just above the rocks…

I am happily landing.

You and I are just standing.