I have to keep my vibe high,
Like birds that fly by.

And I am no Einstein,
But I know what the secret of life is about…

No need to cry or sigh,
We are all coming, and we are all leaving out.

The time is marked, and set;
But in between is heart and head.

You spend your years finding your truth between the two.
You meet many different kinds of people through out.

And they all tell you to be true.

And I don’t want to sound cruel,
But some don’t and some do.

But the point is we are all in this together,
No matter the age or hue.

We must grow and evolve as a collective and individual,
However, some do not get the clue.

So, meant to be occurrences and synchronicities ensue.

Art, is developed, and lessons are celebrated.

Darkness is hellish, but many become featherweight in —
The ultimate fight for overcoming life.

As many evolve to heavy weight and,
Some finds wives, or family.

Some lose their sanity,
But in the end all is dandy.

We have nature to return to,
With love being internal.

As the stars in the sky…
We will all in the end know and understand our why!

As love is eternal;
love, my friend, love I urge you…

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