Excessive sentimentalism is progressive mentalism;
The way I see it.

Immersive energy, is just the way we need it.

The true epitome of kaleidoscope, is us —
Your supernova is warm.
My casanova, is gone…

I’m gone in your fire storm.

If Adam is Eve’s merry;
Then I’m an atom, and you are a simple berry…

Adding purple, royal purple, to my existential threats.

I’m colorless, odorless, and motor-less.
But how cold I get, and how could I set myself in this night time of constant artistic craze?

I suppose, getting lost in your cosmic maze — is the way.
I propose a Rose, in your cosmic stage, as I emotionally gaze.

I’m lost, in nothingness.
I’m lost in everything, that eases my devilish rage.