You’re good for my health like minerals.
If love is the goal;
Then we’re pinnacle.

When I text you I keep my inner cool;
And I express what is best from a vision pool.

At times me and life can be cynical.
I can get negative or be very whimsical.
But I always come back to my purity that’s divisional.

A rad soul by noon,
A mad soul by morning.

Chasing dreams, in different areas, my reality is quite adoring.

But I battle my genius, as if it is David and Goliath.
With each goal attained, I feel like my mind is just reaching higher and higher…

And your love, look what it did to me, look what you’ve done.

My battle has been won, because you amplify my existence.
Because of you I won my war with loving persistence…

In poetry.
You freed me.
My Queen,
You oversee me.
If knowingly, you tease me.
Then openly,
I breathe in.

I take in all pleasure,
I rake in, all leaves breezed.

Seasons of ours,
We are seasonal stars…

But in everyday,
We make it,
Look easy.