I feel like my mind is battling itself;

It is like it is straddling itself…

In one sense, adolescence is felt.

I feel myself growing in unimaginable wealth!

My imagination is felt;

All the years I’ve spent, adding up my wealth:

With knowledge and books,

I have avoided all that they have took.

Adults are like crooks,

They are not majesty, but are rooks.

They are dreamless, and are shook.

I see exploration, and I see wonder.

I see a roasted steak as I hunger.

They see money and division,

While, I see more than provisions.

We can all win in, this race.

I know we all sin, in this place.

I see jokers, as I ace.

Forever young, as I trace —

Poetic lines, as I rhyme.

My imagination, is my time.

It ticks, and it tocks.

I skip, plenty rocks…

The lake is abundant,

And my scheme is never redundant.

I speak from my heart, and I then, leak from my dungeon.

The labyrinth of my psyche.

I don’t take writing poetry lightly.

This world needs constant poetry, this world needs and desires true passion.

If you feel what I am grasping,

Then humanity has outlasted…

Our humanity inside, it is bigger than pride.

Our humanity collides, as we meet on our ride.

Thank you for reading, this is bitter sweet as I prepare for my work.

I’d much rather dream in, and speak of thoughts that just hurt.

Like love and dangerous definitions, that connect like threads on a shirt.

This is a free verse.

I don’t confine to a structure.

Thus what I see, simply hurts,

My mind is free as it is ruptured.