My soul was turning, inside out.

Until you came and saved me from my inherent nature —

Of pride turned south.

I work for you.

I love for you.

I churn for you.

I burn for you.

A love that’s wild, like wildfires.

I strive higher.

I stand prouder.

I laugh louder.

I’m alive, and I feel his mighty power.

God is graceful in my highest hour.

I feel your Queen nature, like Eiffel towers.

Romance in France, or art like a showman enhanced…

I am an athlete, facing pain.

But you ease it, and your cover my brain with powerful things…

Like loyalty, majesty, enhancing my faculties with a love so casually.

I’m healing, and heading up.

I’m speeding up, towards the heavens and what’s above.

Earth is so beautiful, and as usual, you are just as mutual.

You are nature,

You are the trees.

You are a blaze of,

A fire in a windy breeze.

You are everything, and you come first.

This pain just hurts, but you are the water that quenches my thirst.

Beautiful Queen don’t forget for a second how divine and majestic you are.

I love your eyes,

My sweet prize,

I can feel you and see you from a distance afar.

Let’s keep high,

Evolve, and sleep nights with you beside.

I’m good, but now better.

I’m good, but now clever.

I should for now or never…

Keep rising with my Queen, this passion is heavy pain.

I’m lasting like heavy rain,

That pours on heavy pain…

Never loved, but left to hurt.

Left to dirt…

But you are my rose,

And you are my prose,

And if my soul is bare,

Then you are my clothes.

You cover me,

I love on you,

And suddenly I feel blessed…

No longer stressed, I have a Queen that I impress.

I go above and beyond for.

I plan to love for eons for…