Imagery of us.

You are my rose, and I am your lotus.

Visually of us;

We are life’s potencies.

When the sun beams down, we symbolize greater possibilities.

Growth under the heat, and rebirth through hostility.

We are a pair, as it appears that we are most willingly…

Following God’s plan, and achieving life’s mysteries through self mastery,

Self care,

Self love,

And, things that we share, are things sent from above.

Intelligent feedback, I want to help you on your soul development;

Sharing your wisdom, you help me and are heaven sent.

Kisses and love divine.

Blisses, I’m trying to find…

Truth, I can feel in your bind.

I read you.

The words scream loud with every other letter.

I feel tethered if I am to ever look for something better.

I am stuck on you.

I write countless poetry, thinking of our own.

And it seems to feel like a home.

The decor is sweet blue, while the floor is brown hue.

The pillows are soft comfort in sweet plush.

And love is felt in the areas with great rush.

You feel me, while I see you.

You heal me, when I kneel to you.

And no this is no great denouncement but instead a great pronouncing!

How I am here for you my Queen.

My love, my dream come true.

There is nothing in this world that will separate my love that I have for you.

You picked me up in my great despair.

Although I was fighting and good on my own,

You created a space to help me not to feel so alone.

A love, a great love, in this deep life.

Now I sleep nicely, and I feel less and less strife.

Life changes…

And now I do not feel so aimless.

I strive with the intention, of proving and providing.

Learning and still striving, but with the motivation of love.

You are an angel, as much as you say I am to you…

This is my poem for thanking you for all that you do, I love you.