Letters to Claudia 11/30

I feel vibrations. I feel vibrations. I feel vibrations. Universe. Universe. Universe. Spirit.

Embodiment 6.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.


Thank you for quenching my ID. Thank you for supporting my EGO. Allowing me to live, Superego, I have only begun… This is my nature, and I value support more. I feel everything in my core. I feel everything, in my core.



Am I too deep? Or are you too shallow? The oceans are deep waters, and I am not one to be afloat, I rather sink into the abyss. I like to swim in high waters, but I’m trying to go deep. Deep. Deep. What is this treasure?


The center of my life is exercise & writing. The extended fruits from these two, are blessings. Nevertheless, exercise and writing… Are my core, so, begin with these. And end in these.


We are all leaders.



I did not mean to sophisticate what is very simple. Emotions. The word, the vastness, and immensity behind this phenom, is profound. We know very little about this humanly sophisticated mechanism. To be emotional, is a step further… What makes someone else, who is emotional, different from the unemotional and distant, human being. Sensitivity. What […]

Meditations 11.

Following my instincts, gets me into trouble. That is fine. I simply need to be mindful of when I am in uncharted territories – For the sake of embracing the fact, that I am simply daring greatly and sharpening my love.

Embodiment 5.

Manifest plainness. Embrace simplicity. Reduce selfishness. Have few desires.

To chaos…

Chaotically watching, chaotically staring. Two roads merged, are still not two roads pairing. Immense separation, I hope that you shall see. Eventually, to see what is within, will be found from me.