Imagery of us. You are my rose, and I am your lotus. Visually of us; We are life’s potencies. When the sun beams down, we symbolize greater possibilities. Growth under the heat, and rebirth through hostility. We are a pair, as it appears that we are most willingly... Following God’s plan, and achieving life’s mysteries … Continue reading 161.


You’re good for my health like minerals.If love is the goal;Then we’re pinnacle. When I text you I keep my inner cool;And I express what is best from a vision pool. At times me and life can be cynical.I can get negative or be very whimsical.But I always come back to my purity that’s divisional. … Continue reading 153.


Excessive sentimentalism is progressive mentalism;The way I see it. Immersive energy, is just the way we need it. The true epitome of kaleidoscope, is us —Your supernova is warm.My casanova, is gone… I’m gone in your fire storm. If Adam is Eve’s merry;Then I’m an atom, and you are a simple berry… Adding purple, royal … Continue reading 152.