Excessive sentimentalism is progressive mentalism;The way I see it. Immersive energy, is just the way we need it. The true epitome of kaleidoscope, is us —Your supernova is warm.My casanova, is gone… I’m gone in your fire storm. If Adam is Eve’s merry;Then I’m an atom, and you are a simple berry… Adding purple, royal … Continue reading 152.


I have to keep my vibe high,Like birds that fly by. And I am no Einstein,But I know what the secret of life is about… No need to cry or sigh,We are all coming, and we are all leaving out. The time is marked, and set;But in between is heart and head. You spend your … Continue reading 151.


My heart speaks of you in the corridors and highest floors. As I walk, and as I see — On the wall, I want more and more,Of visions of us. Unlike lands of bora bora,I have a war story, That knows baths of blood. In my room, I felt ghastly drugged.As I faced solitude, and … Continue reading 148.


Insomnia,I can’t sleep with out ya. Feelings are so,unlimited of a heart space… Mild enough;to want to make your heart race. But, the range could be wild enough,Wild enough,To take your heart away… Out of touch,Because your heart awakesMine. My mind earth quakes,Across the distance in God’s land. If you are a Goddess,Then I honor … Continue reading 147.


Solitude brings me to a higher zone.Resting in the dirt, hoping to maintain and achieve,I find that I am eternally alone. But following through, I find a home. God, says that man should not be alone. Molecules of love, I’m packaged together like stone.We throw it into the river, bringing it closer to its home. … Continue reading 146.


A thief in the night,I stole your heart,But I am peaceful, a knight.I seem to ignite,But I am like, seagulls in sight. A sunny spring full of bites,Of tasteful brunch… Or better yet, I scream full of might,As I type dreamful of kites. Aesthetic types ofMeaningful abstracts. I mean to seem like a fight, what … Continue reading 145.


The music notes hit a chord.I’m floored, asThe tulips grow from the core.I’m sure,That foolish growth is quite a bore.Unless, one reflects since he was four.That, the world is more than just something that is yours.We share,This planet that we,Should all care,I fear that if you don’t then,You scare,Those that dream large.Humanity is one, a … Continue reading 144.


The wind catches speed,Into the open wounds that bleed. Scars on my arm and face,Develop from years opposite of grace. I’ve been a monster and I’m ashamed.I am a lion, who needed to be tamed. I feel estranged, from this grand land at times.But my spirit is withstanding, all blows from bombs or mines. I … Continue reading 143.