Alive feelings dwell, from your spell.A high, a chilling.Ceremonials are given, from the pit of darkness and fire that man carries.Women are prized, and each man would be lucky to marry. Dear divine beings, I speak forth irrevocable and innegotiable facts.A woman is God, and that is that.


Our love is not lost,As if tossed into some heap. We are simply on standby, and so I must stand high, as I recognize and realize that you are not existent nearby or literally there when I physically or spiritually hurt deep. No, you are not there, but time will heal all.As we feel all, … Continue reading 141.


You are an original,In a world of duplicates and copies. Your span is wide, and your wings stretch high. In this age that is digital,And, in the time that God allots me… I plan to love visceral,Hugging your mind, and loving your body. Our love may be eternal,And our hands matched are adjourned. But as … Continue reading 140.


Melodies of sound truth,They bring me back to my troubled youth. Melodies surrounding you,Are an instrumental, inspired flute. I hear you, when you are nearest.Your sound is sweet clearest. Presently, I breathe in fresh air,While I relinquish deep fears. You ease into my sphere,While in anguish I write out my vulnerabilities. I sense that I’ve … Continue reading 139.


Walking on glassThe pain doesn’t perturb me Running on grassBlades doesn’t disturb me Head spinning from spent cashFailure doesn’t concern me Little or a lotI make do with what I got Losing doesn’t deter me…No, losses don’t hurt me anymore. They say that we need healing,But I think that we need building —Conquers are accomplished … Continue reading 138.


Sacred love making,Animalistic and raw. Tasting your love’s patience.Picking up your body, when it calls. Your sweat, and your skin,Feels best when we sin. I feel lost in your mind,You feel lost, also in mine. Your worth is more than your shine,Your temple is a gold mine. We bend rules, in our romantically induced emotions.And … Continue reading 137.


When life gets brutal and music is all that you have.Have faith in your soul, because it can cure you of what’s sad.The duration of the music, lasts long and then short. Then you are faced with silence, and of what’s felt from the song. Like a bleeding cut, life seems like you had enough…But … Continue reading 136.


A fortress of fortunes,I report in, what’s gorgeous! My faith in the lord is,Unwavering and scorching! On fire for Christ, I am a warrior for sure and, Imagine a world where, destiny is just portioned.You face trials in your hours,And you feel you’ve been devoured. But the lord is maturing,Cutting me sharper than portions. I’m … Continue reading 135.


Spinning head,A 360. I swim in dread.It befits me. Doesn’t mean I drown,I swim swiftly. I win instead,Devils, won’t trip me. I take trips in,Abundant clouds. I’m high off of life,I’d say I’m proud. The pressure of love,I outgrow it. The love that you give,It is outspoken. And I am quiet.I am shyest. Yet, my … Continue reading 134.


I am into your language, and the way your mind speaks to mine. Our love is full roundabout, whilst we are walking a mighty bold line — Until we cross, milestones, I like to think that we are fine. And as we embrace mild tones, our ranges will increase in due time. Sometimes,I think of … Continue reading 133.